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JULY Price Alert for Packaged Products!

Great news! Amandla Paraffin is excited to announce our July packaged product prices, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new 20-litre drums! Perfect for both home and industrial use, whether you’re lighting, cooking, or heating, our packaging makes it easier than ever to stock up and stay prepared.


July Packaged Product Prices:

5-Liter Tin & Plastic Containers:

  • Tin: R108.70
  • Plastic: R108.66
  • Perfect for households, small gatherings, and creating a warm ambiance in any space.

20-Liter Tin & Plastic Containers:

  • Tin: R413.00
  • Plastic: R371.00

25-Liter Container:

  • R448.50
  • Ideal for small businesses, restaurants, and events. A practical and efficient solution for moderate to regular paraffin consumption.

210-Liter Drum:

  • R3758.00
  • Ideal for larger businesses, restaurants, and events. A practical and efficient solution for regular paraffin consumption.

1000-Liter Flow Bins:

  • R16 853.00
  • Tailored for larger events, industrial use, or businesses with higher paraffin requirements. Ensures a steady and continuous supply for extended periods.

Our paraffin undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure a clean and efficient burn, providing you with reliable lighting. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, Amandla Paraffin adapts to your lighting needs with a range of packaging options.

Packaged for your convenience, our paraffin products are designed to be easy to handle, store, and use. Amandla Paraffin is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. Trust us to light up your world!

Contact our friendly customer service team to place your order. Choose the package size that fits your requirements and let Amandla Paraffin brighten up your space!

Customer Service: +27 64 932 3869